Here are the rules.

Post as much as you want.

Feel free to discuss ideas and exchange

No idea to trivial, they all go in the pot. Discuss any area
you want. Share with the group.

Don't be mean to each other. We understand anger and frustration, but you
catch more flies with honey.

Try to be open minded, posts that reflect firm stances on products are
often a turn off, besides, we can all learn something new.

This Listserv is open to those associated with the public broadcasting
community along with some friends and guests. These may be in commercial broadcasting
or Equipment Dealers or Manufacturers. They are there to answer questions and
to discuss ideas, NOT to push products.

Chain letters and internet comedy are not acceptable postings to the list.

If you are a dealer or manufacturer and you want to introduce yourself and make your products known to the list community send a message to the list admin- DO NOT post to the list without checking in with the list admin AND hearing back from the list admin first.

Sending Attachments through the listserv is rude and will be frowned upon. Your message will most likely be rejected. HTML text will be rejected as well.

BTW this listserv WILL send a message to you when you post. That is normal.

NOTE: Some mail programs will not send a reply to the list. IF you mean to
send something to the list make sure you look at the address to make sure you know
where it's going. Some mailers reply to the sender instead of the list (a