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Links for getting on and off the list- These links will generate emails that you must send and you will receive a response that you must confirm before they are in force. You will receive confirmation of success if your request is successful.

Click here to Subscribe to the main list This gives you single individual postings.

Click here to Subscribe to the Digest version of the list The digest is a single email sent to you daily at 6am ET with all of the previous days postings.

Click here to Unsubscribe from the list entirely. This will remove you from all lists.

NOMAIL- Nomail is a vacation service for closed lists. Pubtech is not a closed list therefore you must Unsubscribe and RE Subscribe to do the NOMAIL function.

Do you have another address that you want to post from but not receive the list? Send an email to this address requesting an alt posting address AND be sure to include that address.

The BST List - Buy, Sell, Trade List is here.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the used gear world.

To get on the BST list click here. To get off the BST list click here.

There is no Digest of the BST list.

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